May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Hello all you mothers!! Happy Day to you! here's to us for all the stuff we do (and put up with!) Motherhood is not for the weak! We are super--and should be praised more often! Love you moms! Especially all the ones who affect my life directly! here's some pics from my day! I got some super great awesome wonderful PINK GOLF CLUBS!! really, i said i would never golf, but i've decided to try now that i have a perfect set of clubs! I CAN"T WAIT!!

The kids and their great-grandma wheelus (nanny!)
The kids, me and my wonderful mom-in-law- Sharon.

My 2 reasons for being a mom!


Adams Family said...

love the pink! how fun! happy mother's day!! you are such a great mom!! always planning such cute stuff for your family...looks like ya'll had a fab time at the coast! Ü

erin said...

Cool!... I don't think I've ever seen pink golf clubs! Looks like the beach trip was lots of fun ,too!

Kathi and Ryan said...

Happy Mother's Day!!! (yesterday...) Those clubs are so you!

texansusan said...

Looks like you had a great Mother's Day! The pink golf clubs are so cute! We're actually going to Port Royal next week... we are so excited!

ashley said...

I think I could learn to golf if I had pink clubs. Come to think of it, I think I could do anything if all my tools or utensils were made of pink!

Tiffany Montoya said...

I love the golf clubs! Chris golf, but I had decided not to try either...but with the right clubs you may be right, who wouldn't want to glof with pink clubs!!! Your kids are so cute and Happy Mothers Day.