May 11, 2008

Port Royal- Port Aransas (THE BEACH!)

so --keeping with our tradition of going to Port A every spring and fall, we went to the beach this weekend for 2 1/2 days and it was so fun!! the kids had an amazing time, and so did I! they are both finally at the age where you can put a lifejacket on them and let them jump in and out of the pool--while i read and sunbathed on the patio!! LOVE THAT! we had great weather friday and saturday, but sunday morning while the kids were swimming in the pool, it started to rain. oh well- we did have 2 good days. we saw a ton of jellyfish- sydnee was terrified of crabs biting her in the ocean, and brian stated that he "hated the way the water tasted" they definately preferred the pool to the ocean. (i LOVE jumping in the ocean and swimming in waves!) we got sharktooth necklaces and carmel nut fudge from the candyshop on saturday and played dora candyland on the porch at night- we had a blast! Be prepared for TONS of pics!!

a jellyfish we found-- we saw tons this trip!


Kathi and Ryan said...

That looks like so much fun! My poor kids have never been to the beach :-( Maybe sometime soonish... Darn living in the mountains. Where do you guys stay when you go? Is it on the beach?

clarkefam said...

how fun! your kids are so cute! i love the one pic of sydnee "laying" out. what a cutie. glad you had a nice M-Day--you deserve it!!

Tiffany Montoya said...

You are in such good shape, I'm jealous :) It looks like tons of fun. I need a little R&R at the beach!