Jan 17, 2011

December 24- Christmas Eve! a Hayride and lots of fun!

On December 24, we got to go to a friend of my dad's house and he took us on a hayride with his 2 HUGE clydesdale horses.  These horses were giant!  It was pretty fun--very cold, but fun.  Well, except for the part when Lexie fell off.  Yeah, sure, that wasn't funny at the time, but now it's freakin hillarious!  Story--she was being annoyed that we were riding for so long, so, being the 21st century parents that we are, we gave her an ipod to watch Dora on.  Hey- she stays quiet and doesn't scream at me- don't judge don't have a "Lexie"  Anyway, she, of course, dropped/threw it off the hayride.  Matt leaps down to get it (we were only going like 3 miles an hour if that), and just leaves Lexie to sit on the haybale herself.  (I was on the other side of the wagon)  Well, do you remember from my previous post where I stated that lexie is like Randy from A Christmas Story when she is in her snow gear?  She really is all puffy and can't really move much--which turned out to our advantage.  She turned to go after matt and fell off! In the middle of the road.  Almost by the wheel of the wagon.  Thankfully, mostly in part to her puffiness, she wasn't hurt- just scared.  Holy cow- all of us were totally freaked out, and Matt felt like the Parent of the Year.  It's all good--it's Lexie.  She was bound to fall off at sometime in the ride.  ;)

Later on that evening, we had pizza for dinner, read the Christmas story from the Bible, opened our Christmas pajamas, and left food for the reindeer and Santa.  I just love Christmas Eve- it's so magical!