Jun 6, 2011

Beach to Bay 2011, Corpus Christi, TX

Our friends, Angie and Greg, invited us to run in the Beach to Bay marathon relay with them on May 21st in Corpus. It is a full marathon (26.2 miles) relay with 6 participants.  Each leg was between 3.6-4.8 miles.  We also had Angie and Greg's friends, Jared and Kristen run with us. Matt ran the first leg.  It was supposed to be a beach run, but the tide was too high and there was so much seaweed they had to adjust the course to just running the frontage road. It was about 3.4 miles.  Jared ran the 2nd leg, and for not being a runner, he did AWESOME! :) It was about 4.67 miles.  Greg ran the 3rd leg, which to start was up the bridge, and about 4.36 miles.  Angie did leg 4 at 4.69 miles.  Kristen did leg 5 at 4.2 miles.  And I did leg 6 at 4.89 miles.  I had the prettiest run I would say.  It was along Shoreline Blvd...I got to run past all the huge houses on beach.  But it was sooooo stinkin hot!! By the time I got running it was 11 am and SO HOT!  It was so humid too- like 93%.  I did my run in about 43 minutes, which I didn't think was TOO bad considering the heat and humidity.  I think we all did VERY well, and had a great time.  I cannot wait until next year!!
Are you wondering where my kids are all this time? Well, we brought our babysitter, Ashley, down to the coast with us!  We would have had Matt's parents watch them, but they were on vacation at the time.  Anyway, we brought Ashley and she watched them while we ran.  It was so nice of her, and the kids just love her!
We got down to the beach on Friday...checked into our hotel...wandered around for a bit...took a walk along the bay, and ate pizza.  Saturday morning, Matt and I got up at 4 and didn't get back to the hotel until 2! LONG morning, but it was great! After we got back to the hotel, we took everyone to the beach to hang out for a bit.  The kids had tons of fun with their kickboards in the waves and Lexie loved playing in the sand and finding seashells.  After the beach we drove out to Port Aransas, got some candy and walnut caramel fudge from my FAV candy store, went to eat at this new bar/grill that was actually pretty good, and then went souvenir shopping!  Sunday morning I sent matt, ashley and the kids down to the pool to swim out their energy while I packed up the room.  It was nice to have a couple hours of quiet! After we got all packed up and ready to go, we stopped to eat at this place called the Executive Surf Club. It was pretty good- I'd go there again.  We also drove by the USS Lexington, which we will definitely be going to next time! That thing is HUGE!!

All in all, it was a great weekend, and we had so much fun!! I love the beach and can't wait to go again!