Aug 24, 2009

The First day of SCHOOL!!

August 24,2009....Brian's first day of Kindergarten!!  and Sydnee's first day of all-day preschool!  I never imagined this day would be so difficult.  It was a bit hard for me to watch Brian walk down the HUGE hallway with his backpack on (it's practically as big as he is!), and sit down at his desk ready for the day to begin. (yes, i left the school in sunglasses so no one could see my tears)  I get nervous imagining all he will do today...eating in the cafeteria, having recess, doing work, reading, etc..etc...however, he is in heaven! He was not nervous at all-he's so excited to go to school.  I am glad for that--I would rather him say "Bye,mom!" than to have him clinging to my legs!     Sydnee was really excited this year too. No tears this time! (well, none from Sydnee anyway)  She is going all day- 730-330, and she is very happy to be in the "Ladybug" class!  I love that my kids love school, and are excited to make new friends and learn.  I'm sad, because it means they are growing up, and despite the fact that I have a quiet, calm house again, I miss them terribly!  Well, at least until 330 and they are together, fighting again! hehe   For now, I will miss them, enjoy my alone time with Lexie, and make chocolate chip cookies for their after school snack!