Aug 4, 2009

A visit from the Clarke's!

Soooo....our wonderful friends from Georgia, the Clarkes, surprised us with a visit last week! We were sooo excited and had sooo much fun with them all week.  The kids got along great--no fights between friends!  I loved that!  The kids are pretty much the same ages too- Kaylin is 5 months older than Brian and Ethan is 4 months older than Sydnee.  Usually the girls paired off to do something girly, and the boys paired off to play cars/trains/trucks!  It worked out beautifully!  We, of course, stayed up late everynight, talking and catching up with Brittany and Travis.  Our week was filled with pool time, Sea World a couple of times, Texas Ski Ranch (and outlets!), the Riverwalk/Alamo, the Temple, and just plain fun together.  We love them so much, and were so sad to see them go!  Here's to our next reunion...sooner rather than later!  

ps- there will be a post for each of our fun activities! So BE AWARE of picture overload! 

Brittany and I before church--I just love this girl!  We are sooo much alike--I like to think that we are twins with different hair color! HA! 


Brian's room-AKA the playroom-the kids loved to go in there and play!

The girls- Sydnee and Makaylin

The boys--Ethan and Brian

Sweet babies--Mika, 14 months, and Lexie, 5 months.  

The families before church


Brittany said...

Yay! We loved the surprise visit! ha ha! We did have such a great time--loved how you could make some concoction in the kitchen and come up with some chex mix surprise! i still pick at it everynight and crave cream soda! :)