Jul 25, 2009

7 years, 3 kids, 2 degrees and still going strong!

7 years of marriage!! WOW! Seriously, I cannot believe that July 25,2002 was 7 years ago! How fast time flies when you're with the ones you love! No, it hasn't been easy, and, no, I'm not expecting it to get easier as time goes on....but I can say that I'm enjoying the journey! I love Matt so much, and I'm so glad we get to be an eternal family! He does so much for me and our kids!  So I was looking back at old pictures and decided it would be fun to post some oldies!  The first is our wedding announcement--there was a vellum layer over the picture, and it was tied with a ribbon at the top! Look how young we both look!  (what a toll a bunch of school and 3 kids will take!) The next 2 are from our wedding album, and the rest are the subsequent years of our married life! Notice how there isn't one from 2003???  I was pregnant with Brian at the time, and for some reason, I don't have hardly any pictures!  Weird....anyway...enjoy our journey!  (and my different hairstyles! he he)

July 2004-with Matt's grandparents  (Brian was 7 months old)

July 2005- Our new family of 4! 

July 2006

July 2007

July 2008

At the temple this year for my cousin's wedding!  How fun it is to go back with the one you love, and remember why you are in this, and how much you love each other!


The GruCru said...

CONGRATS! You made it further than any couple in Hollywood.

Adams Family said...

Happy Anniversary!!!
Love all the fun pictures!!'s so much fun to see how your cute family has grown through the years! Ü

Christian and Jackie Teachout said...

yall are sooooooo stinkin cute!!!!

Kristen said...

I love all Matt's different styles. haha You still look the same for the most part. I loved all the old pics!

Brittany said...

you guys are so cute. i just love you two. glad we could be with you on your special day!