Jul 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July-2009

Happy 4th of July!!  We had another fun filled day of swimming with a BBQ thrown in for good measure! We went to the braun station pool with Charles and Sharon...swam for a while, then got out and BBQ'd some burgers and hot dogs....played at the park while our food settled...then got back in the pool for a while longer.  The kids had a ton of fun-even with being at the beach all day yesterday.  Although, Sydnee did throw up her entire lunch along the sidelines of the pool- nice.  I think she has had too much sun, and not enough water and sleep! We've been to the pool every day this week for swim lessons, then the beach yesterday, and the pool again today.  I'm ready to be out of the heat!! We went home shortly after the thrown up incident, but we still had a fun day.
     I think it's super cool that we have a day set aside to celebrate the FREE country that we live in, and I'm always thinking about the soldiers that serve for us and our country.   I think a lot of people don't always remember that the 4th isn't only about BBQs, swimming, and fireworks.  It's about the selfless acts of service by our soldiers- from long ago to this very day.  THANKS TO ALL WHO SERVE FOR US!! You really are appreciated!  
special shout out to Derrick- my brother-in-law- who is an awesome soldier! :) 

Funny- I have a red, white, AND a blue now!

Yes, Lexie would NOT look at the camera- my hands were far too interesting!

Playing with grandpa at the park

Matt and Charlie grilling lunch

Waiting to eat--we're hungry!!

Matt and my little fish baby!

The kids swimming--all my kids LOVE the water!


Joan said...

Hot mom alert! Geez. Didn't you just have a baby!? You look so good, Mandee. Seriously.
I am SO craving a baby girl...will you talk Brandon into another baby for me? He's being stubborn. haha.

The GruCru said...

at least she managed not to puke directly into the pool :) They close the pool for hours and everyone's get made at you-not that we'd know