Jul 19, 2009

Sydnee's Birthday Dinner

For birthday traditions- we usually take the kids out to a movie and to a restaurant of their choice.  After the movie this year, we were too stuffed from movie popcorn to go out to dinner after, so we went the next night.  This year Sydnee chose Cheesy Jane's for her dinner spot.  We love going to Cheesy Janes! Yes, I know the name sounds horrific, but it really has some good food!  There is usually a lady there that goes around and makes balloon animals for tips, and we usually have no cash, but tonight we had some! And...she wasn't there!  I felt SO bad--the one time we have some money to tip her and get a special balloon for the kids- she wasn't there! RUDE! ;)  Anyway--in this picture of Sydnee and I, there is a funny story behind our laughing faces!  I said to her "say...." I didn't finish my sentence because I had a hair on my lip, so I said to Matt "wait- I have a hair on my lip"....HOWEVER- it sounded to Sydnee like I said "say, I have a hair on my lip!"  instead of "say cheese!"  So out of her mouth comes..."I have a hair on my lip!"  I was laughing so hard, and Matt snapped the picture.  Nice.  It was probably way funnier in person than in writing, but I had to share why I am looking so silly!  Oh and forgive the no makeup face--we didn't go anywhere earlier, and I wasn't about to put makeup on to eat at Cheesy Jane's.  

The girls

The Boys

My cutie pie chillin in her seat

Lexie having some yummy shake!

Yes, people, I do know that the bow is as big as her head.  I like it that way, thank you very much!  


The GruCru said...

I love the bow

clarkefam said...

i can't wait to see you and your fam! cheesy janes sounds FUN! too bad about the balloon lady! and i appreciated the story, but girl you do not look funny in the pic! you are always so stinkin gorgeous!