Nov 8, 2009

Matt's 30th birthday festivities!

Well, it's happened!  We have a 30 year old living in our house! YIKES! WOWZA! HOLY SMOKES! hahahahahah! Just kidding-a little....we have had a birthday filled weekend around here.  The "official" date of birth is tomorrow- November 9th.  However, with life did our celebrating from Friday night until Sunday night! Wahoo!  On Friday night, Matt opened his gift- ROCK BAND- and then we went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse with matt's parents and brother.  They made Matt get on a saddle there-hilarious! On Saturday, we ran a 5k, ran some errands, played a little rockband with the kids, then went out to dinner at BJ's Brewhouse with our friends.  Matt thought we were only going with Ryan and Nicole, but I secretly had *almost* all of our friends meet us there-waiting secretly at the table! He was surprised for sure!  On Sunday night, we had a family party and celebrated both the guys who turn 30 this year! Matt and Chris!  I made them a Longhorn cake and Sprinkles pumpkin cupcakes.  The Longhorn cake was last minute, so it wasn't my best work, but it tasted good, so I guess that counts for something.  All in all I think we've had a pretty great weekend, and we're looking forward to Matt's next 30 years. HAHAHA!  Love ya babe!


Adams Family said...

LOVE that cake!!
you are amazing. :)
good luck with your run this wkd...i'm sure ya'll will do awesome.
love that last pic of lexie smilin'...what a super cutie!