Jan 2, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy 2010! Already? Another bittersweet moment this year- New Year's. My family always has a GIANT party, has everyone over, stays up till 3 am, eating junk and playing nertz. Well, we only did part of that list. All of our friends were either out of town, or already had plans, so it was just us for new years eve this year. I made cookies, popcorn, and we had a bunch of leftover candy and bubbly to eat. I bought some party hats, party horns (i hate those by the way), streamers, and little firecrackers. We told the kids we were having a party and they were SO EXCITED! Seriously, you'd think we said we were going to disneyland or something by the way they were acting. It was so cute. I'm glad they were excited, though, because it made me excited to be with them. We played Beatles Rock Band and Shawn white snowboarding (Thanks mom and kate!), ate too much junk, and shouted HAPPY NEW YEAR out in our yard. The kids went to bed by 930 (hey, there's NO WAY they will ever know that wasn't the end of the party), and matt and I stayed up till 11 and watched the ball drop in Time's Square on the East Coast. Who said it had to be midnight HERE? and besides, I have been so exhausted from moving out, moving in, and the hullabaloo of partys, I seriously don't think I could've made it another hour!


nertzfan said...

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