Nov 15, 2010

2010 San Antonio Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon!

This day had been a long time coming.  I've logged over 500 miles this year trying to improve my time and endurance for the Rock and Roll marathon. Running is my way to get rid of stress, and fat. hahahaha!  I used to hate running,  but my bestie, Nicole, gave me the gift of learning to love it!  It all started as a way to lose my baby weight after having Lexie, and Nicole and I ran in the 1/2 last year too.  It was crazy weather, and we finished in 2:26.  I went into this race wanting to improve my time to right around 2 hrs.  I trained long and hard.  Early saturday mornings were mine, and mine alone.  I succeeded in meeting my goal...actually beating it.  I finished the 1/2 this year in 1:53:48.  I beat my GOAL time by almost 7 minutes!  It wasn't easy though....I hit a HUGE wall around mile 8.5.  I wanted to quit, I wanted to be done and just SIT DOWN.  I felt like my legs weren't moving at all; I felt like everyone was passing me up.  Then I saw the 11 mile sign, and I thought to've got this.  I had passed the 2 hr pacer around mile 10, so I knew I was going faster than anticipated.  My body felt it too. My hips were hurting, my legs were hurting, and my toes were hurting. ( I ended up getting my new shoes bloody after a bad toenail was scraping my skin from about mile 5! oh well!)  At mile 12, I got a small burst of energy and shot to the finish line.  I couldn't have done it without Matt.  He dropped me at the start line, and then met me at miles 3, 8, 11 and the finish.   I can't even describe what it does to the spirit to see someone you love cheering you on.  I got quite teary eyed a few times.  :)  I love running these races, and I'm not quitting anytime soon!  I'm hoping to do at least 4 this coming up year.  One being in January in Austin.  Hopefully Matt enters and runs with me, and hopefully Ellie will come down to run too!  Happy Running!!

Getting ready to carb up at the Olive Garden!

my new shoes...before their maiden voyage
our haunted hotel- The Emily Morgan
Signs the kids made for me
getting ready to head out!
Corral 8...I was in 17 last year!

Matt and i pre-race
crazy running picture
Matt caught me by surprise with this pic...I was seriously shaking so bad!



Ryan and Nicole said...

I really wish I could have been there with you, but I guess since I had just popped a baby out a couple weeks before it really wouldn't have been a good idea! But I plan on being there next spring to run with you-not in January though LOL!

melimba said...

good work, girl! I still think you runners are crazy, but I give you MAJOR PROPS! Awesome all around, Mandee!

Kristen said...

aww, that's so sweet of Matt. Congrats on beating your goal time!