Nov 29, 2010

Week of Nov 15-20

Sydnee had a few projects this week! She had to dress up a turkey (paper turkey, of course), and make a poster of things all about her, because she was STAR STUDENT this week!  She dressed her turkey ip as a pink princess- we got pink feathers and sequins, and I made a felt dress, shoes and crown for it.  A very GIRLY pumpkin.  For her star student poster, we got a big pink posterboard, designed her name on it, printed a bunch of pictures of her, and she picked out a ton of pictures of things she likes from magazines.  They displayed the poster on the wall in the Kindergarten hallway.  Also in the hallway were pictures the kids made saying things they were thankful for...we found Sydnee's and it said "I am thankful for mi mom." Seriously! She didn't even tell me she wrote it...I almost teared up right there.   On the 18th, Matt and I went to lunch with the kids for their "Thanksgiving" lunch.  Of course, my kids only ate their meat and rolls, but it was still fun to go eat with them.  It's going to be a very rare occurrence, because the noise level was DEAFENING!! I do not know how those lunch room adults handle that every day! :)  On the 20th, we decorated the Christmas tree, and then went to hang out at Bass Pro Shop for some Santa and fun...I will try to upload the Santa picture..but I haven't done it yet.  Lexie WOULD NOT sit on his lap or even stand by him and the kids.  She just took her candy cane and screamed. Hahahaha! I remember 2 years in a row that the Santa pictures were only of Brian because Sydnee was the same way!