Nov 29, 2010

Turkey Trot and Thanksgiving...and lights...and Thanksgiving #2

Happy Thanksgiving! On Thanksgiving morning, Nicole and I did our annual 4 mile Turkey Trot with the babies, while Matt, the big kids, and Ryan went to play football.  Afterwards, we all headed over to Charles and Sharons for Thanksgiving dinner.  Every year we order La Madeline's turkey feast and keep the work to a minimum!  I made huge sugar cookies to look like pumpkin pies, and believe me, they tasted MUCH better! :) We played Rock Band, and had tons of fun just hanging out together.  

The next day, Ryan and Nicole came over to our house so that the boys could hang up our outside Christmas lights.  Eek! I was sooo nervous!  We both have very high 2 story houses, and it was kinda windy outside, so I had visions of someone falling and breaking a leg (or two), an arm (or two), or heaven forbid- a NECK!  THANK heavens, everyone was fine, and our lights look spectacular! The kids, Nicole and I worked on gingerbread items while the boys were outside.   I will add that we MAY have done some shopping on Black Friday...and I got everything I wanted (for my kids, of course!) 

On Saturday, we had Thanksgiving #2 with Matt's extended family.  I am usually in charge of the green bean casserole, and I brought another sugar cookie pumpkin pie.  YUMMO! :)  It's always fun getting together with the rest of the family....we always laugh, and everyone is so fun to be around. Thanks, guys, for a great Thanksgiving #2!