Aug 15, 2010

Downtown Salt Lake/Temple Square July 30

Matt and I really wanted to take the kids downtown SLC and show them Temple Square, the Conference Center, and all the fun stuff there is to see down there.  I know if you live in Utah it seems like nothing special, but to us, "out of towners", we love to go there.  There's such a special spirit to be felt at Temple Square...a spirit of reverence and respect for those who came before us and built that special place.  Matt and I were married there 8 years ago, and we really wanted to do a session at the SLC temple, but we just didn't have enough time. Next year!  Anyway, it was really neat to show the kids the visitors center and re-teach them about the prophets...there is a really neat model in the South Visitors Center that shows what the temple looks like inside, and the kids thought that was pretty cool.  We are reading the Doctrine and Covenants with the kids right now (i bought the book of mormon reader so that brian can be reading it by himself as well), so they thought all the stuff about Joseph Smith was awesome too.  Lexie was a little too wild to take to the new movie about Joseph, so we'll save that for another time when she's older, or not with us. ;)


Janine Padilla said...

Hey! We were in Utah the last week of July too. I wish I would have known. It would have been so fun to see you! It looks like you guys had a blast! Hope you're all doing well!