Aug 15, 2010


So, after a month of playing, visiting, and traveling, we had to drive home.  I hate this part.  Always.  I always feel like my stay wasn't long enough, like i'm going home to nothing, like i have an aching in my heart that will never go away.  I know this all isn't true (kind of), but I feel it nonetheless.  I know I'm going home to my life in Texas and my home that i've made here, but I can't help but wish it was just a teensy, tiny bit closer to Utah. Ok- i'd settle for within 5 hrs. hahaha!  Seriously.  I hate leaving.  Anyway, enough's some pics from our drive home.  We stayed in Carslbad, New Mexico this time, which was NO WHERE NEAR as beautiful as Durango. and it was much hotter.  When we were in Durango we were surrounded my mountains, and there was a great chill in the air....when we were in Carlsbad, we were on flat deseret land and it was hot! Luckily, we were staying in a little 2 room cabin at a VERY nice KOA there.  I probably would've died if we had to sleep in the tent that night.  All in all, our kids did AMAZINGLY well on our drives.  No major meltdowns, no accidents...just a LONG time in the car.  Thank you DVD player and IPODS for making my drive easier! 


Adams Family said...

wow! what a many fun pictures! isn't idaho just simply gorgeous in the summer??...i miss it so much already. i miss seeing you guys and your sweet kiddos! cute cute pictures! :)