Aug 14, 2010

Driving to Utah day 1 and 2

On June 30 we left for Utah! We were originally going to drive straight through, then thought we would probably be too tired, so we decided to camp overnight in Durango.  It took us about 15 hrs to get to Durango, and the kids couldn't have been better! They were actually angels in the car (thank heavens for DVD player and Ipods!).   Lexie had her moments of yelling at us, but no crying from her! The campsite we stayed at was beautiful.  It was called Lightner Creek, and we will definitely stay there when we go through Durango again.  The kids had fun exploring with their flashlights at night, and throwing rocks in the creek.  There was a downfall, however, I packed for summer camping, and not mountain camping.  It's a good thing I threw in the extra blanket, because we needed them! it got cold!  we were all without socks, longsleeve shirts and long pants.  I know- I know...but I will never make that mistake again! Lexie woke up about 330 am and wanted to get on our mattress. Boo.  For some reason, why on earth does a baby fussing in the middle of the night at a campground seem SO LOUD! Ha!  Anyway, we got a semi-good nights rest, woke up (an hour earlier that we were expecting to, because my ipod was still on Texas time- an hour ahead!), cleaned up and headed out.
We're in southern Utah as I type this, and will be to Grandma Sheryl's before dinner.  Beautiful mountains and rock formations- oh how I've missed thee!