Aug 15, 2010

Our little zumee

Let me give you a short back story to begin......Sydnee has been wanting a kitty for, well, probably for 2 years she has been asking us for one.  We kept telling her that matt and I are allergic and so we can't get a kitty, but when she gets her own house she can get as many cats as she wants.  Well what do ya know...we get home from bowling...ON SYDNEE'S BIRTHDAY...and there is this tiny little gray cat sitting underneath Kate's car.  Sydnee was in love.  The kitty, however, was not in good shape.  It had a terrible eye infection and other problems.  Luckily---my dad is a vet! He gave the kitty some eye drops and antibiotics, and we got her some milk and a kennel, but dad didn't think the cat would live through the night.   She did!  She really seemed to be getting better.  Sydnee carried this kitty around like a little baby. She would put it over her shoulder and pat it's back.  She loves Zumee.  When we were getting the stuff together to go camping, sydnee begged to take Zumee.  Mom told her all the things she had to do to get the kitty and her things ready to go.  Syd did them all.  However, while camping, we noticed that Zumee seemed to be taking a turn for the worse.  She had a large growth on her cheek area that spread to her eye, and her breathing was labored.  Oh how we all felt for this kitty!  None of us are really cat people to say the least, but my heart ached for the kitty to feel better.  We all decided it would be best for dad to put the cat to sleep.  After we got home from camping, we explained to the kids what was going to happen.  I felt so sad for my kids! It was one of those situations that you wish you never really have to face.  Anyway, we buried Zumee next to my parents porch, and the kids painted a gravestone for her.  Brian and Sydnee said what they loved about her, and we told them that we'd get to see Zumee again when we get resurrected.  Brian was so distraught! He cried for a very long time.  We all know that Zumee is in a better place, but we still miss that cute kitty!